Hitchin Logs

cost and delivery for fire and wodd burner logs


Cost of our logs

£80 per cubic metre bag (including 5% VAT) plus £10 refundable bag deposit.

£20 for 4 bags of kindling when ordering logs.

Optional £20 per bag stacking service

Conveniently sized logs split for use in log burners and open fires.

Affordably priced with convenient delivery and service.

Payment on delivery cash or cheque. Bank transfer details are also available on request.

Delivery Information

FREE DELIVERY to postcodes SG4 and SG5. Contact us before you place your order if outside of these areas.

48 hour delivery on receipt of your order.

Bag delivered to location of your choice, subject to accessibility. Alternatively bags can be tipped out and your logs left in a neat pile.

Stacking service in location of your choice, subject to accessibility, by Justin our friendly driver.

Delivery times arranged to your convenience including early morning and evening deliveries.

For regular deliveries for your home, pub or restaurant or for special orders of bigger logs for open fires, please feel free to get in touch.


We recommend storage in a dry, well ventilated place to maintain low moisture content following delivery.